COVID-19 Information

October 21, 2020

Good Evening,

We have learned of a positive test for COVID in the district. We are in contact with the Ashland County Health Department. We will continue to work closely with the department to ensure all appropriate measures are being taken to identify anyone at risk due to close contact. Any students or staff identified as having close contact will be notified by the Ashland County Health Department directly. 

At this time the district is optimistic that all staff and students have had little to no contact and are safe. 

We want to remind everyone of the importance of following all of the required protocols: good hand washing, properly wearing masks, and maintaining social distance. These procedures are in place to help keep -and continue to keep- everyone safe.

Please be mindful and monitor yourselves and your students for any symptoms on a daily basis. 

Thank you,

~Catherine Puster


October 5, 2020

As of today, the district has two new positive cases of COVID-19.  Due to other mitigating factors, no staff or students have been exposed.

~Catherine Puster


September 16, 2020

Hello Everyone- 

One of the many challenges of managing information regarding COVID-19 is to ensure our school families are informed if a student or staff member has tested positive for the virus.  

We have been contacted by the Ashland County Health Department and it has been confirmed that a staff member has tested positive for COVID-19. L-P will not be sharing any specific names due to HIPPA laws. With a positive case, our response is being directed by the Ashland County Health Department, including the process for contact tracing notifications.  

For more information, please visit the Ashland County Health Department’s webpage found HERE.  

Thank you, and have a great week! 

~ Angie Dawson, L-P Licensed Health Care Professional