Robotics Team and Mr. Miller Thanks You

"Thank You" never means enough. To our parents, grandparents, friends, sponsors, community, stakeholders, Administration, Board, Teachers, and anyone else that I am missing.......our team thanks you! Through 8 solid months of daily work, retooling, coding, building, failing, succeeding, winning, making mistakes, learning; it all took us to this place. 11 regular season tournaments, 14 trophies, 1 state championship event, 1 hosted tournament; it all was an incredible of our most incredible ever! Being selected by the #6 seed and winning the quarterfinals match in our division, and then losing the next match by 3pts to the eventual winner of the division, was incredible! So many times we wonder in public education if our students are gaining the skills that they need to succeed. Hard work, focus, determination, communication, patience, teamwork, skill, etc. etc.....GRIT! It's all there at a time like this, and our team pushed it until the very last match when we ran our noted #JustSendIt code in autonomous to allow our alliance partner to win the autonomous period. These guys pushed it with all that they had, I could see that they were exhausted, but they went to a place that 99.5% of robotics teams never go in the World Championships. The robot will now become a tool in order for our team to do outreach to our local schools and area to excite people about what Vex Robotics does for our students. The robot will stay together, as did our very first team's robot did, in the first year of the program when we made it to Worlds. I could ask for nothing more out of these teams, they left it all on the field....and that's exactly who we are and what we do in Loudonville Robotics! We will be right back at it into a new game for next year with a new team! ~Mr. Josh Miller, Robotics Advisor