Office of Student Services/Special Education

210 East Main Street Loudonville, Ohio 44842

Phone: 419-994-3327   Fax: 419-994-5528

Welcome to the Office of Student Services. Our goal is to provide individualized services to meet the needs of all students. We accomplish this through the Individual Education Plan (IEP) program and Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students receive support from licensed intervention specialists, speech pathologists, occupational thrapists, physical therapists, and others. 

All students learn and grow at different rates. We analyze each student's progress over time to determine if special services may be needed. We strive to educate students in their least restrictive environment, and for most students, that is in the general education classroom. As students need additional and more intense support, the team considers placement in specialized units, behavioral schools, and others. 

A strong school/family partnership is essential for student success. We are excited to work with you and your child to help them reach their full potential. Thank you for entrusting us with your children and please contact us if you have any questions. 


Stephen M. Fowler, M. Ed. 

Director of Student Services

Staff Directory



District Staff     McMullen Elementary  

Stephen Fowler


Director Baylie Badertscher Intervention Specialist

Rhonda Curtis


School Psychologist Laura Brown Intervention Specialist

Josie Clark


Speech Pathologist Kristen Donley Intervention Specialist

Nikki Johnson


Occupational Therapist Hannah Bell Paraprofessional

Sheila Johnson


Physical Therapist Tamara Donaldson Paraprofessional

Soni Coey


Nurse Kelly Hahn Paraprofessional

Elisabeth Wertheim


Behavioral Specialist Bryce McCaskey Paraprofessional

Abbie Radtka


Teacher-Visually Impaired Julie Rooks Paraprofessional



    Heather Wade Paraprofessional



Budd Intermediate     Loudonville Middle/High  

Jody Getz


Intervention Specialist Jenna Fisher Intervention Speclalist

Mable Purdy


Intervention Specialist Christy Gray Intervention Specialist

Matthew Stewart


Intervention Specialist Kelsey Kenney Intervention Specialist

Alicia Vaughan


Intervention Specialist Jennifer Smeltzer Intervention Specialist

Haley Frantz


Paraprofessional Jennifer Vaughan Intervention Specialist

Karen Garman


Paraprofessional Elise Lingenfelter Paraprofessional

Emme Jones


Paraprofessional Ken Phillips Paraprofessional

Cam MacQueen




Required Notifications

Child Find LPEVSD's commitment to find and serve childern with disabilities ages 3-21. 
A Guide to Parent's Rights In Special Education Your rights under state and federal law in special education. 
A guide to Parent's Rights with Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act Your rights under state and federal law with the 504 process. 
The Evaluation Process Explained A basic overview of the evaluation process for special education services. 
Jon Peterson/Autism Scholarship Information Required notifications of scholarhips available to students with disabilities. 
School Medicaid Program Parental permission to release information to the Ohio Medicaid Program
Medicaid Annual Notification Ohio Medicaid Program annual notificaiton to parents. 
Eye Examination for newly identified students Required notification of mandatory eye exam for recently identified students. 

Mandatory Reporting of Suspected Abuse and Neglect

Information regarding Ohio's mandatory abuse/neglect reporting for educators. 
Restraint and Seclusion Information regarding Ohio's use of restraint and seclusion.